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Car sharing can cut mobility costs
by over 50%.

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Enjoy all the advantages of having your own vehicle fleet without any costs of ownership.

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What advantages does car sharing offer for your company?

By not having to bear the financial burdens of vehicle ownership and by paying per use, you will optimise your vehicle fleet and cut mobility costs.

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Control and reporting

Avant2Go usage reports are always available and give you complete control over how mobility is used in the context of your company’s business needs.

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Environmentally friendly

Drive only 100% electric vehicles – without any harmful CO2 emissions, with the possibility of using renewable energy sources, free from noise and smelly exhaust fumes.

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An attractive working environment

Offer your employees a state-of-the-art mobility experience. Businesses that understand world trends are more attractive for employees and potential candidates.

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Tailored solutions

For driving to meetings, the airport or on business trips. With Avant2Go, you will be able to reach your desired destination at any time.

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Available 24/7

For any problems, our Avant2Go support team is always ready to help. Available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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Big savings

Using vehicle when needed; driving to work, running errands or taking a weekend trip. This way you can avoid all the costs of owning a car.

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The introduction of electric vehicles

We will demonstrate EVs to your employees and present their associated positive impacts on the environment, business operations and our lives.

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Reduce or eliminate the kilometric allowance

The flexibility of the Avant2Go system enables the optimum matching of trips and company needs, reducing the number of excess kilometres driven.

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A smaller fleet

By using Avant2Go, you will be able to reduce the size of your fleet because the utilisation of each car will be much higher.

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Tailored solutions

Use your vehicle fleet without any ownership costs.

Use your vehicle fleet without any ownership costs.
You can choose from various car makes and models according to your wishes and needs.
Flexible car sharing service billing and reporting.
The vehicles can be equipped with your brand or company name.
We provide individual custom training at your company office before you start car sharing.

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