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Presentation of the Avant2Go system of 100% electric car sharing

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Mestni Muzej
Ljubljana, 22. 6. 2016

Why choose Avant2Go?

Car sharing designed in line with the principles of sustainable coexistence

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Let's imagine ...

... the green Ljubljana becoming even greener . No noise and no emissions .

Let’s imagine using the latest technology to drive and not having any problems with finding a parking space .

Let’s imagine having car expenses only when we really need to drive, saving both time and money .

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Let's imagine ...

It seems there’s still a long way to go and that the path will not be an easy one. The good news is that all the technology that is needed already exists.

We asked ourselves: “Isn’t it unreasonable to wait another 10 or 20 years for this to change when all the technology and knowledge are available right now?”

We assumed the responsibility to do something about this and to contribute to this happening much sooner.

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Let's imagine ...

New mobility will be based on two pillars:

- services designed to cover the needs for mobility (car sharing, on-call electric transportation ...), allowing us to get rid of the burden of ownership;

- locally-generated clean energy, allowing us to get rid of the global dependence on fuels that pollute our environment.

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Together with you, we can succeed in becoming not followers, but an example for other companies.

If you want to become a part of our story for a better, more sustainably-oriented green future, or if you are interested in new mobility services, we invite you to watch how the story develops.
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