Murska Sobota
the heart of the Pomurje region, set amid the rolling fields
Reserve a car and enjoy a ride through the city streets.

100% electric car sharing in Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota was the second city after Ljubljana where the Avant2Go system was available and among the first smaller European cities to offer a 100% electric car sharing service.

Murska Sobota currently offers 4 locations for users.

Avant2Go packages

Enjoy driving without owning a car.

Sometimes you only need a car for 5 minutes sometimes for whole day or more. You only pay for what you actually use.

Regular price list for registration and reducing the damage waiver

"Car sharing" designed in accordance with the principles of sustainable coexistence

Sign-up fee

€19 / one-time fee

Reducing the damage waiver* from €300 to €100

€38 / year

Reducing the damage waiver* from €300 to €0

€88 / year

*The damage waiver is the maximum amount of damages that the renter pays if the vehicle is damaged due to the renter’s fault.