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First delivery of goods with 100% electric vehicles: fast, easy and sustainable

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Get products delivered in three easy steps

Easy ordering through the Avant2Go app, fast and contactless delivery

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Instant registration and simple ordering: pick the desired adress and one of the available packages.

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Simple payment with the selected credit card.

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Prompt delivery status information. Fast and sustainable delivery with electric cars.

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Why are we your right delivery option?

We believe in simple, clean and efficiant delivery, so we promise the following benefits:

  • choice between different providers
  • a competent, responsive and friendly customer support center
  • delivery with only 100% electri vehicles
  • a dedicated team with extensive experience in developing Avant¬ęgo car sharing system
  • planned new functionalities and expansion of delivery areas
  • different services with the same Avant2Go app*: car sharing, rent-a-car, delivery

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*conditions for registering for car sharing, rent-a-car, delivery systems vary

Where and to where we deliver?

Electric vehicle delivery service starts in the defined Ljubljana city area. We look forward to expanding our delivery area soon, not only within the capital but also to other cities.

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Avant2Go mobility services

The key to new mobility: for you and to you

Developing and integrating new mobility technologies as a service where you only pay for mobility when you use the service. Our goal is to simplify and reduce the cost of your mobility and pave the way for sustainable solutions for a better quality of life for current and future generations.

Additional information

Our customer support center is happy to answer your additional questions and suggestions. We can be reached at the free telephone number 080 12 23 or by e-mail: dostava@avant2go.si.

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